Wool, silk and cotton

Wool, silk and cotton

Nature and man have always been one whole. Ancient people were a part of their natural environment because nature has always been and will be the cradle of humankind. It gave life to this world, and developed single-celled animals into generations coming one after another for many thousand of years.

The life is changing, its leaves are turned day after day, and it may seem that a modern man does not depend much on nature. We are surrounded by solid buildings, plants, vehicles running along tarmac road and by rivers encased in granite embankments. However, this impression is deceptive, because all we have around us is a product of nature. Man is a part of nature too, and we need a favourable environment to restore our mental and physical strength. Bedding products with wool, silk and cotton fillings will allow us to feel and restore harmony with nature.

Wool, silk and cotton are ancient materials which man has used for bedding. They have always been considered excellent filling materials because they have favourable effect on the skin, muscle tissue and the whole body, they stimulate blood circulation, and they have a unique combination of moisture retaining, thermal and air permeable properties which are so important for us.

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