Synthetic collection

Synthetic collection

The life of a modern man is closely connected with new and rapidly developing technologies and innovations which are changing both the life of society and our daily life.

The latest innovations and high-end technologies of production let us manufacture synthetic fibre with properties equal to or increasing those of natural fibre.

Whitelle® – is a new registered synthetic filler created with a special DARGEZ technology. Due to its special treatment, Whitelle® has an incredibly silky texture and improved elastic properties.

Comforel® is a filler which undergoes additional Allerban antiallergic treatment and provides multifunctional protection from mites, bacteria and fungi.

Micrelle® is a new ultrathin filler created with a special DARGEZ technology. It is elastic and can restore its form quickly; it is incredibly soft and fluffy, with high thermal properties which make it equal to natural down.

Estrelle® is a filler created on the basis of own DARGEZ design. The filaments are designed with a channel for air passing along its axis for better air exchange.

Synthetic fibres combine thermal and venting properties successfully; they will keep you warm while letting excess moisture evaporate freely. They are very light and soft, quickly restore their original form and are very easy to clean. They keep all their good properties after many washings.

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