Health collection

Health collection

When we speak about a healthy lifestyle, we usually mean physical exercises and healthy diets, but we often forget about the importance and usefulness of healthy sleep. Sound and healthy sleep is very important for feeling of wellbeing and balance of mind. We should never treat sleep as a “waste of time”; on the contrary, sleep is an active part of our life. Undisturbed sleep is an important condition of our physical, mental and spiritual development. If you sleep well, you can enjoy life better.

One of the best ways to improve our sleeping environment is carefully selected bedding. Bedding products should be selected individually, depending on your body type, sleeping habits and optimal air temperature in the bedroom.

DARGEZ specialists use results of studies of support properties of pillows to create a line of ergonomic pillows with consideration of individual needs of customers. Why do we need ergonomic pillows? First, to provide good support to neck bones, maximum relaxation of shoulder and neck muscles and maximum comfort during sleep and rest hours.

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