Everything for Home

Everything for Home

We all have a place where we want to come back, where we feel comfortable and protected, and this place is our home. We select things for our home very carefully. Textile products can give us the feeling of warmth and comfort, create special atmosphere in the home and necessary conditions for healthy and quality sleeping environment.

Everything for Home collection includes throws made of various sorts of high quality natural wools, decorative pillows and terry towels.

Natural sheep wool throws are soft and warm, and suit every interior perfectly giving it a cosy and original look. Classical prints are made in natural colour scheme. Our designs will add a beautiful detail to your home, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Terry towels are made in modern colour scheme with delicate pastel shades. Think and soft cotton filaments make our products luxurious and soft, delicate and fluffy. All towels are colourfast and in high quality.

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