Eco collection

Eco collection

The life of a modern man is very stressful. Anxiety, negative emotions, physical and mental stresses have become a norm of our life, together with an unfavourable ecological situation. We often feel the urge to get away from it all, hide under the quilt and simply enjoy serenity and tranquillity, restore our strength to be ready for new deeds and discoveries.

We have taken care of your needs and launched a new line of bedding products made from high quality natural materials with healing properties and with fresh and bright design. The new ECO collection includes pillows and duvets with natural fillings:

Tencel is a new generation fiber made from wood on the basis of the latest breakthroughs in membrane technology and molecular engineering.

SeaCell is a unique filling of natural materials with seaweed which adds healing properties to the product.

The bamboo-based fibre is an innovation filling. Due to its porous structure, it is air permeable and highly hydroscopic.

Eucalyptus wood-based fibre is a new generation filling which can quickly absorb excessive moisture thus providing excellent heat exchange and creating the best microclimate for sleeping.

Corn-based fibre is a revolutionary plant-based filler with unusual softness and lightness.

The names of these natural materials and fillers speak for themselves. They are absolutely natural, have improved antibacterial properties and relaxing effect. Each collection is unique due to its natural properties and is worth your attention.

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