Bedding products

Bedding products

DARGEZ bedding products comply with the latest trends in home textile design and are made of high quality cotton and Tencel fibre.

We pay special attention to the quality of fabric. For our bedding products we use only sateen of fine, high density and colourfast yarn. Bright colours and original non-peeling structure stay even after the product has been in use for a long time.

The sateen texture of fabric gives it delicate, soft and silky look and feel and unforgettable sleeping experience during long nights.

Thanks to the high quality of fabrication and filaments, DARGEZ bedding products maintain their consumer properties even after multiple washings.

DARGEZ bedding products are of good quality, hard-wearing and exquisite, and that is why they are so much loved by those who appreciate comfort and style. Original designs, various colour schemes and styles make them a perfect gift for all who love beauty and comfort.

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