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For hotels

7.pngSound and healthy sleep is very important for feeling of wellbeing and balance of mind. We should never treat sleep as a “waste of time”; on the contrary, sleep is an active part of our life. Undisturbed sleep is an important condition of our physical, mental and spiritual development. If you sleep well, you can enjoy life better.

Creating comfortable and healthy sleeping environment is one of the main objectives of manufacturers of bedding products, hotels and resorts of different classes. Healthy rest and relaxation of your guests depends on how you organise their sleep.

All you need to have in the room to provide undisturbed and healthy sleep, apart from the bed, can be supplied by DARGEZ, the largest Russian manufacture of high quality bedding and home textiles.

DARGEZ is leading in the home textile market, and has been continuously strengthening its reputation of a leading manufacturer of bedding products by providing high quality quilts and pillows to hotels for more than 10 years. Over that time, we have established partnership relations with dozens of major hotel complexes and government agencies, inlcluding Novotel, Golden Ring, Balchug, Azimut, Holiday Inn hotels, Vodokhod shipping company and others.

We offer a wide range of products:
  • bedding solutions with various fillings (pillows, duvets, mattress covers);
  • bedding collections of sateen, cambric muslin and blended fabric;
  • terry products (towels, rugs, bathrobes);
  • decor and trimmings.

Our own production facilities, extensive experience and a wide range of products allows us to perform orders quickly and select the best solution for equipment of hotel rooms of various comfort class with consideration of individual needs and expectations of clients.

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