Research activity

Торговый Дом ДАРГЕЗ был образован в 1991 году

DARGEZ carries out researches in collaboration with independent research centres and testing laboratories to study heat-retaining properties of quilts and supportive properties of pillows depending on various characteristics, such as: air temperature in the bedroom, anthropometric parameters of a customer (height, weight, age etc.), sleeping habits and specifics.

During the continuous work on production of innovation textile materials we:

  • carried out theoretical and experimental research for development of innovation home textile and bedding goods;
  • developed a new classification of quilts by thermal properties;
  • developed a new classification of pillows by support level.

These research results help us provide personal experience to each customer selecting bedding products.

Bedding products should be selected individually, depending on your body type, sleeping habits and optimal air temperature in the bedroom. You can always find the best thing for you in the wide range of DARGEZ products. Our specialists use results of research in thermal properties of quilts and support level of pillows to create the products with consideration of individual needs of customers.

On the basis of numerous studies, we group quilts in five categories with different thermal properties:

  • Superlight Superlight is the best solution for people who often feel hot. Superlight quilts are the best for bedrooms with high air temperature.
  • Light Light is for those who do not need much warmth. These quilts are the best for people who prefer moderately cool temperature.
  • Standard Standard quilts are universal and can be used at any season. They are for those with moderate need in warmth, for those who love cool but not cold air in their bedroom.
  • Warm Warm quilts have good thermal qualities and protect from chillness efficiently. They are for people who need much warmth and for those whose bedrooms are rather cold.
  • Superwarm Superwarm quilts have the best thermal properties. They are more suited for people who need very much warmth and for those whose bedrooms are cold.
  • Considering individual needs of customers, DARGEZ pillows are produced of three types depending on the level of support:
  •   High pillows are for those who prefer sleeping on their side and need good support.
  •   Medium pillows are for those who prefer sleeping on their back.
  •   Low pillows are for those who love sleeping on their stomach.