1858German manufacturer August Reders founded a down and feather plant in Zaraisk.
1991DARGEZ production and trading association was founded to manufacture and sell home textiles.
1996-2001Main production facilities of DARGEZ were launched.
2001DARGEZ became a Russian representative in IDFB (International Down and Feather Bureau), the international association of producers of feather and down material and finished products.
2002-2004DARGEZ initiated the foundation of the Russian Down and Feather Association (RDFA) which later became a member of the IDFB. The main objectives of RDFA include the development and monitoring of standards on production of goods with down and feather fillings, and an active integration of Russian companies in the international market.
2005-2007Production facilities were upgraded; modern and high performance equipment was provided.
2005DARGEZ started exporting in Europe.
2007-2008DARGEZ launched own retail network.
2007-2008The first branches were opened in Russia and the CIS countries.
2010-2013Upgrading of production facilities was resumed, and new production capacities were added.
2011DARGEZ trademark celebrated 20 years anniversary.
2011-2013DARGEZ participated in the special research project on development of innovative bedding materials by the order of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.
2012The company developed the system of individual selection of quilts depending on anthropometric features of a customer (height, weight, temperature in the bedroom).
2013The company developed a new classification of pillows by the level of head support and classification of quilts by thermal protection.
2013The research laboratory complex on the basis of one facility of DARGEZ was established to carry out experimental research to develop innovation home textiles and bedding.
The next stage in the company development.