We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so our sleeping environment is very important. Our company’s activities comply with our main principle: to care for our customer’s health which depends much on high-quality rest and healthy sleep.

By the results of its works, DARGEZ promotes the concept of the individual sleep culture. Bedding is vital aspect of development of this culture. This idea is fundamental for our company’s philosophy: individual and customised bedding is an important tool for achieving the physical and spiritual harmony of each man.

This philosophy of DARGEZ is the basis of our brand; it determines our activities and motivates us to meet basic human needs: providing healthy and comfortable sleeping and rest environment and wellbeing.


Home textile is what we are continuously creating, improving, studying, bringing to perfection and trying to be the best at producing. We use all our experience, knowledge and expertise to create high quality textile and offer the best products for healthy sleep, comfort and beauty at each home.

We are professionals focused on continuous development, team work and success. The better we work, the more successful our company becomes, and the more value we provide to all our team members, customers, partners, this country and society.

Fundamental Principles
  • Individual approach to each client
  • A wide range of bedding products for sleeping and rest
  • The highest quality of products. The quality approved by DARGEZ means responsibility for our customers’ wellbeing and environment
  • State-of-the-art and unique technologies; continuous improvement of technology process
  • We strive for development

Our main goal is to meet customers’ needs and supply them with the best bedding products which improve the quality of life and the health of our customers, and create the best sleeping environment. Our trademark is a beautiful flower which embodies harmony, aesthetics and perfection of DARGEZ goods. All this is an important part of our brand concept.

Over the years of its work, DARGEZ has become the largest manufacturer of home textile in Russia. We are a leading company, but we will be never complacent, and we will pay much attention to modernisation and expansion of production, and we see our current success as a start position for realisation of our long-term plans. Keeping high quality of our products, continuous improvement of our product mix and meeting our customers’ expectations are our main objectives, and we are going to fulfil them by the synergy of expertise and technologies with our experience in textile production.