The European Eco-Label

Deep awareness about the production process
DARGEZ demonstrates it responsibility for future generation by paying much attention to ecologically clean production of bedding.
Now nearly all processes of production of bedding goods are automatic in DARGEZ. Smart use of raw materials, careful production process and social responsibility of employees are interdependent elements of production in our company aimed at environmental protection and care for wellbeing of community.

Safe production
DARGEZ uses high quality raw materials to manufacture its bedding products.
Some collections are produced from fillings and clothes with the European Eco-Label mark. DARGEZ gives particular attention to all stages of production based on careful use of resources and clean processing methods.

We strive to develop our range of products complying with all needs of a healthy person. All our bedding items are harmless, because:

  • They are carefully checked for harmful substances;
  • Clothes and fillings are tested by medical means to study their influence on skin and the organism;
  • We use fabrics for many collections without any optical brighteners;
  • Our products correspond to national and European standards of quality.