About Us

DARGEZ Textile Association is a leading Russian manufacturer of high quality bedding products and home textiles. We continuously update our broad range of products which includes over 1000 items for sleeping and rest with best prices: pillows, quilts, mattress protectors with various fillings (goose feathers, new generation synthetic and man-made fibres, natural wools, cotton, silk), sheets and pillow covers, decor and terry goods, blankets, kids’ bedding and many others.

The company was founded in 1991 by several companies producing bedding goods. Its vast experience, knowledge and commitment to excellence and implementation of new technologies helped the company develop successfully and become one of the largest manufacture of home textiles in the Russian Federation.

DARGEZ strives to offer its customers a wide range of high quality bedding products and home textiles for comfortable and healthy sleeping environment.

We see the development of mutually beneficial relations with our customers as a top priority goal. Our efficient, sustainable and customer-oriented selling policies are based on personalised services and development of complex customer loyalty programmes. Nowadays, DARGEZ distributes its products in all regions of Russia. We also export our products to the CIS and several European countries, including Germany, Italy, Sweden and France.

DARGEZ works successfully with over 1000 trading and procurement companies and is now the largest Russian supplier of home textiles to hypermarkets of Russian and international trading networks. Our partners are major stores, wholesale depots, hotels, healthcare facilities and schools. After over twenty years in the market, DARGEZ has become known as a reliable foreign trade partner to be trusted and respected by leading international companies.

The company launches innovation products and offers the highest quality goods due to its long-term investment in research projects, implementation of new equipment and unique technologies and use of only high quality raw materials.

DARGEZ ensures high quality of its products by the multistage system of incoming control of materials tested in international accredited laboratories, the system of operational control of intermediate products quality and the quality control system for finished products.

It is necessary to mention that the company has never been complacent with what has already been achieved, and always pays much attention to new technologies, creation of innovative products and development of new spheres of activities.